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About Us

our story

The Asian Indian café is a café that serves Asian food which is filled with the goodness of spices and ingredients hand blended to please your taste buds and soothe your hunger.

We have delivery services over the area; we serve our delicious delights in the homes and offices through our delivery services. We are serving Indian Cuisine with North Indian speciality.

Our delivery time is 45 with the subject to location. We provide a variety of tiffins with tasty food like home.


Opeing hours

Sunday to Saturday

12:00 pm TO 00:00 am

From Founders Desk

I Think Clean, Health & Tasty is basic if we are eating out in a standard place.- Monika

My name is Monika, and I am a foodie like you. I believe this is an incident among the post Covid19 lockdown when i wanted to have some good food and went to a cafe nearby I found the food provided was average and a lot of compromise was made on hygiene and health side of the food, in today’s time we all have realised the health is the most important thing everything else falls next. That day the experience shook me as if this is the quality we get, we are just adding to the worse side of the pandemic.

There were constant average or below average experience simultaneously. One day I ordered Tiffin and the daal I got in it was not appropriate in taste i think it had started rotting. May it was a stale one; all these events have inspired me to open this cafe. And as I myself is a big-time food enthusiast i am sure we will connect on the same page and deliver you the best

Four Modes


You can take away the meal you order within your comfort.

Table Reservation

You have to reserve a table to dine in and enjoy your meal.

Tiffin Box

You can even enjoy the service of Tiffin boxes from our side, which is super safe in the time of covid19.


We can also deliver the yummy and safest food to your doorstep.

Our Team

High-class professional service

We are team of food enthusiast who thrives to deliver you the best food; we are close knit team of chefs, cooks, restaurant professionals and presenters. We have brought the idea of yummy and healthy tiffins in a click and on a go.

You can pre-order or book a subscription with us on our website or through our application present over IOS and Android Application stores.We commit to provide the best quality food with taste that you can never forget.






What said about us

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